Redefining "Mobile" Computing: Calder-A
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[Update 06/01/04 - 22:45:59]
Calder-A has been turned into this.

Alexander Calder would have enjoyed this.

After returning from my travels in Mexico and WaDC/NYC/Boston, I decided to get serious and finish a project I'd backburnered for two years: Building the support frame for Calder-A.

The machine specs are:

  • Gateway 2000 Tolstoy (Intel) Motherboard. (Part No. 4000431)
  • Celeron 300A on Slotket.
  • 256MB PC100 SDRAM.
  • Onboard NV3T (Riva 128) AGP Video.
  • Onboard Ensoniq ES1373 Audio.
  • RealMagic Hollywood Plus MPEG2 Decoder Card.
  • NetGear FA310TX 10/100 Ethernet Card.
  • Aureal Vortex 1 Audio Card.
  • Maxtor 20GB IDE Drive.
  • Ricoh MP9060A (P.O.S.) 1st-Generation DVD/CD-RW Drive.
  • 250W ATX Power Supply
  • ~300 penny counterweight. (and counting...)

The frame specs are:

  • 20 feet of 1/2" copper piping.
  • nine 1/2" copper tees
  • eight 1/2" copper end caps
  • two 1/2" copper elbows
  • 3 paint sticks (for the switchboard)
  • 1 copper fastener

Oh yeah, in the right hand image above, the computer doesn't actually lean like that. I kept everything as orthogonal as possible during the soldering process and it's just a trick of the webcam optics that produces the visual warp.

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