When you have a 3D printer, everything looks like it should be printed.
This is a collection of objects that I’ve created, using DesignSpark Mechanical exclusively for the constructive solid geometry.
I feel grateful to have learned how to do this, and have posted a few short video tutorials about how to do this. Maybe they can help you.


Espresso Tamper Model 2

Espresso Tamper Model 1

Plant Drainage Stand


Knife Sharpener Holder

Knife Magnet Holder

Gas Burner Socket


I will add models to this page as I make them, and there are other models in my collection that I need to find and upload, which I will do in time.
Feel free to reuse the STL Viewer Javascript code in index.js, but please take some time to understand how it works, too.
My first opportunity to use a 3D printer was during my time at a Berlin startup in 2015. It was a 1200€ Craftbot that we bought for the engineering department prototyping lab.
At the moment, I use a Creality Ender 3, which I purchased for 200€ in late 2018. It easily performs as well as the Craftbot! The low end is the high end now and the barrier to entry is essentially zero.