Europe 2005: Intro

On September 1, 2005, I hopped a plane to New York, the starting point for a 25-day adventure in Europe. In the five years that passed since I'd been there, a number of globally important events occurred: the dollar took a nose dive against the newly-formed Euro, the events of September 11th, the subsequent invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, the 3/11 bombings of the Atocha rail station in Madrid, and the 7/7 bombings in London.

None of these events affected my judgment as to whether or not to go, as travel is one thing I hold as an very important part of life. Ultimately, these events reaffirm the need for more cross-cultural exchange and exploration, and in some ways to not be a traveler is to dwell in a sort of Modern Dark Ages.

As we halved the world once by sea, and once more by air, the very ability to transit the globe is one that people should capitalize on, at least before all the oil runs out.

But for those who haven't had the opportunity, here are some photos of the things you ought to see.

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