Ishin renders their own fish, which already places it above most of the sushi joints in this town.

I’m not sure whether they do it at the Mittelstrasse location too, but I once remember seeing them unpack a huge ice-filled styrofoam box at their Bundesallee location, and then break down an entire pre-gutted salmon.

Besides sushi, they stick strictly to a Japanese repertoire, including gyu don and some nice starters.

24 April 2018

This time around, I met my friend Chris for dinner and we tried a few different dishes as compared to the original visit.

This round didn’t go as well.

The California maki was pretty standard.
The spinach and bonito flake starter was bland and unforgettable.
The nigiri sampler was decent.
But the teriyaki salmon had been steamed to within an inch of its life.
And, my friend commented that if the salmon had actually been marinated properly, it probably would have tasted more teriyaki than the sauce they drizzled on top afterwards.

Oh well, better luck next time.

ishin 20180424 01
ishin 20180424 02
Less packed today.
ishin 20180424 03
Starters: California maki, Ohitashi spinach and bonito flakes (not great), seaweed salad and shredded white radish.
ishin 20180424 04
Nigiri sampler set.
ishin 20180424 05
Sake teriyaki cey-ro.

14 March 2018

For some reason, I always end up getting hiya-yakko (silken tofu, bonito flakes, and soy sauce) and nameko-jiru (miso soup with seaweed, silken tofu, and mushrooms) to start; and then a bowl of sake-ikura don (salmon and salmon roe over rice).

And this time, I was joined by a friend, who ordered one of the chirashi don, which had a reasonable assortment of fish (though perhaps a bit too much tamago egg).

Overall, pretty good.

But, not all Ishin locations are created equal:

The Bundesallee and Mittelstrasse locations are good.
The one located at Charlottenstrasse is forgettable.
I haven’t been to the one at Schlossstrasse.

ishin 04
The Mittelstrasse Ishin.
ishin 05
The entrance.
ishin 06
The foyer.
ishin 09
The seating.
ishin 07
Vitrine left.
ishin 08
Vitrine right.
ishin 12
ishin 13
ishin 16
ishin 14
Sake-ikura don
ishin 15
Chirashi don