So I tried this place spontaneously with my friends Tim and Christina on the longest day of the year. (I don’t know why I talk about the summer solstice like this, but it does mean the start of the long trudge towards the darkness of Berlin winter.)

Anyways. Not good.

mmaah 1
Out front.
mmaah 2
Lukewarm rice with beef bulgogi and mayonnaise.
mmaah 3
Lukewarm rice with beef bulgogi and spicy chicken bulgogi.

I will admit that the rice grains were very nicely cooked, with a nice chewy bite, but overall, nothing really there to write about.

My friend Christina posited that the lukewarm rice could have been due to the fact that we arrived about 15 minutes before closing, but usually those food service-sized rice cookers have a ton of residual heat, so I doubt it.