The restaurant has been around longer than I’ve been in Berlin and is still going strong, so they must be doing something right. This was the first place I ever tried kebab kubideh, with buttered rice and fresh parsley on the side.

The menu is a mix of Lebanese and Iranian, but since I don’t live close by, I usually just get the one dish when I’m out there. Though I did see some interesting other options (could have sworn I saw a lamb tongue sandwich on the menu, which sounded interesting).

Outside view of El Reda
Inside shot of El Reda with menu
Order number ticket
el reda 20190706 04
Kebab kubideh with rice and grilled tomato
el reda 20190706 05
Parsley, basil, onion, radish, and butter (for the rice)
el reda 20190706 06
Sumac shakers are everywhere
Close up of kebab kubideh and rice
el reda 20190706 08
Close up of kebab kubideh, rice, and tomato