Testing REST API with LearnBoost’s Tobi + Vows.js

I've been looking for a clean, framework-independent way of doing white-box API testing using Node.js. For a long while, the things that popped up when doing a quick scan of the Node Package Manager package lists weren't ticking all of the right boxes: zombie.js is going for a full browser simulation but doesn't provide a simple Browser.post() method (you have to use selectors to find the form.submit button and then fire a click() on it), Node's native http.Client is too low-level and doesn't do cookies, and various other http request wrappers weren't quite cutting it either. I think I've found a solution for this particular version of the problem: LearnBoost's Tobi combined with Vows.js is letting me do clean REST API testing, with a minimum of hassle, and all the built-in sugar-coated goodness of should.js fluent assertions. For example: Future steps then include using the macros to help set up other tests that require a valid user, etc. Overall, this is the most straightforward solution I've yet found for the problem of testing a REST API while also faking a session.