Goddamnit, Microsoft; Goddamnit, Realtek

Next time you do a goddamn driver update, don’t fuck with my microphone settings such that my Mom can’t hear me anymore when we Skype.

I didn’t touch anything in the sound settings, but somehow after this driver update:

She can’t hear me anymore. AWESOME.

Realtek, fix your goddamn settings too:

Beamforming doesn’t work, Acoustic Echo Cancellation doesn’t work, Keystroke Suppression doesn’t work. All of these things just turn the volume down and make it impossible for the other side to hear me.

How do I know? Because when I call my Mom on Skype, she can’t hear me.

Do you actually test your software? Like actually sit people down and have them Skype with your default settings?

Can you imagine the number of people who suddenly could not talk to their loved ones because of your boneheaded update?

The only way I managed to make the volume on the other side comprehensible was to disable all of this extra crap, which I had already previously disabled.