Oddly Good Chinese Food In Madrid

After a few days of eating local in Madrid, the diet of mostly meat, cheese, rice, seafood, olives, and bread can start to get a bit exhausting. One begins to crave vegetables of the leafy green variety, especially when one has Asian parents. Somehow in searching these out, my father and I managed to stumble into two fantastic Chinese restaurants on the same street: Calle de Isabel ‘La Catolica’ by the Plaza de EspaƱa. It may be a bit cheesy going to Spain to eat Chinese food, but sometimes your intestines just demand it.

Here’s the Google Street View of the places.

[click to open in a new window]

In the first restaurant, we ordered fresh steamed fish in soy sauce with green onions, fried salt and pepper prawns, and some bamboo with shiitake mushrooms (by mistake). In the second restaurant, we ordered pork blood with pig intestines (a rarity almost everywhere outside of Thailand or Taiwan), ma poa tofu, and fried water spinach (also a rarity). I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.