Adding Python Twisted module to a virtualenv on Windows

I’m trying to keep my Python system-level install as clean as possible on Windows, but also trying to get Buildbot set up in a virtualenv. Unfortunately, some of the Buildbot dependencies want to build native extensions, and the most important — Twisted — just fails.

This is all I have in my system-level site-packages:

If I create a new virtualenv with --no-site-packages, then try to install the buildbot-slave package, I get the dreaded "Unable to find vcvarsall.bat" when Twisted is being installed:

Unfortunately, if you download and attempt to install the Twisted redistributable package from their website directly into a virtualenv, the installer package will register itself with the system, even if you select the “Install just for me” option. In other words, you can’t just have the package install itself portably into multiple virtualenvs:

  • Select “Install just for me”
  • Set “Python 2.7 from registry” to “Entire feature will be unavailable”
  • Set “Python from another location” to “Will be installed on local hard drive”
  • Set “Provide an alternate Python location” to the location of your virtualenv "c:\virtualenv"

The User Account Control (UAC) dialog will pop up, and after the install, you’ll be stuck with a single install of Twisted which can only be Repaired or Removed:


This situation kind of sucks. Unfortunately, the .exe version of the installer also won’t let you choose where to install its contents. It just gets stuck on the dialog where it autodetects your existing Python 2.7 installation, but won’t let you choose a different site-packages folder as a file destination. It only goes for the global install.


The solution is to download the .exe version of the installer, unpack it using something like 7-zip, and then copy the files from the PLATLIB folder to your virtualenv’s Libs\site-packages and the the files from the SCRIPTS folder to your virtualenv’s Scripts folder.

Then, the next time you run pip freeze, you should see something like:

Then you can install the rest of the Buildbot packages:

2 thoughts on “Adding Python Twisted module to a virtualenv on Windows”

  1. Just got the same problem: settings up buildbot-slave on windows.

    After some research, found that use pip install –use-wheel twisted is the easiest way to install twisted in a virtualenv on windows.

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