Time-Robbing Python Errors

Ran into a problem while attempting to get Python provisioned automatically in Windows. I could install Python as an administrator, but when I would switch into a Limited User Account and attempt to use pip or virtualenv, I’d get nothing but obscure failure.

The key phrase that kept popping up was:

“WindowsError: [Error 183] Cannot create a file when that file already exists: ‘C:\\Documents and Settings\\Administrator\\.distlib'”

as distlib kept trying to put things into the admin account by default.

To make sense of the error, I had to dig into the closest code to the WindowsError that was thrown, which looked like this:

Lo and behold, setting the LOCALAPPDATA environment variable to some writeable folder to which the Limited user has acccess will fix the issue. But it strikes me as a place where the os.path.expandvars() call should probably check the APPDATA environment variable too.

And, for whatever odd reason, it seems like the os.path.expanduser() call uses the user credentials associated with the Python executable or something, because at no point as I’m running this code as a Limited User, do I specify that I want the code to act like it is an Administrator. It’s a bit odd.

In any case, it works, but the solution is less than obvious.

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