To Google:

Hangouts, on an Android smartphone, should not keep trying to replace the SMS functionality by default. This is really pissing me off. I didn’t buy a phone to route all of my messages through Google, and I didn’t buy a phone to have Google misdeliver messages to others or misdeliver them to me.

Case in point: A friend of mine sent me a Hangouts messages today, which I received several hours later when I reconnected to WiFi. But I guess I must have appeared Online to them for whatever reason, even though the message never made it through. Thanks for making it look like I was ignoring them.

To Ebay:

Fix your damn service so it has two-factor authentication already.

Fix your Android App so that it actually has useful offline alarm notifications. I’ve missed so many ending auctions because the App doesn’t notify me that an auction is ending in 10 minutes. But, again, when I connect to WiFi again, it tells me I missed the end of the auction. Thanks a lot guys. And well done on not engaging your users.

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