Heno Heno

Sometimes at lunch, I get a serious craving for a simple Japanese rice bowl. Amazingly enough, there’s a place close enough to me to satisfy: Heno Heno. It’s a simple japanese restaurant with a single row of stools at a bar and a few tables to the side. The food is simple: a single page menu describes the treats to be ordered and everything is thrown together quickly right in front of you.

There’s nothing like a hearty bowl of thinly-sliced beef and rice (Gyu-don), or delicious nukazuke (fresh homemade pickles), or the freshly made sake o-nigiri (salmon rice cake in nori seaweed wrapper).

Perhaps I should let the food speak for itself:


Heno Heno
Kantstrasse 65
10627 Charlottenburg

Opening Hours

Mo – Sa: 12h – 22h