Django Unit Testing On Shared Hoster

So I’ve been trying to write unit tests for Django, but, as I’m doing a lot of work on a shared hoster, this isn’t working. The problem is that our user account doesn’t have CREATE/DROP DATABASE privileges on the server. This has been documented here, here, here, and here.

Which means I see the following if I try to run test, I get:

Unfortunately, there isn’t a first-class solution from the Django devs, so after reading that django-nose had a handy REUSE_DB parameter, I tried to install django-nose.

(no-deps because I’m working with Django 1.5 beta 1)

Then, in, I set TEST_RUNNER=’django_nose.NoseTestSuiteRunner’, and set the TEST_NAME key on your ‘default’ DATABASES entry to the same value as NAME.

Unfortunately, you still get errors, if you’re trying to use PostGIS, seems like transactions may not be a happy thing there:

So it looks like the only option I now have is to write unit tests that just run against a development database, and do a decent job of cleaning up after themselves in the setUp and tearDown methods. Using the standard nose distribution will do this, but if you just do “pip install nose” and try using “nosetests”, it will error out:

The problem is that nose doesn’t know about Django’s settings or modules. You have to make a copy of nosetests into the same directory where “” is located and change it so the DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE is incorporated into the os.environ resource. Like so:

Then you’ll see:

$ ./nosetests
Ran 6 tests in 4.955s


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